the zappos #imnotabox campaign

The Zappos box is our way of being there for our customers wherever they are in life--whether they are shopping for their baby's first shoes, their own first marathon sneakers, or their first date outfit.  As an online retailer, our box is one of the most important and only guaranteed touch points that we have with each of our customers.

The #ImNotABox campaign is an avenue for us to inspire our customers to see not just the Zappos box…but themselves and the world with a new perspective.



the tv & online ad

To kick off the campaign, we wanted to create a video capturing the single-minded message that Zappos sees every box as a unique story. Partnering with creative collective, Variable, we were able to produce Box Home to introduce the voice of our #ImNotABox campaign. This video aired on YouTube as an online ad and on cable networks in limited cities in the spring of 2016 and was paired with a box re-design and other elements within the greater campaign.

Taking this risk with a non-retail focused campaign, we were unsure how this would resonate with our customers. To our surprise, we were absolutely humbled to see the positive buzz surrounding the launch, yielding 131 million impressions in the first week alone.  The online video reached 113K+ views in a short month, earning 130 likes (compared to our channel's average view count of 2K). The video also climbed to #7 in Ace Metrix's chart of Top Breakthrough Ads of Q2 2016.  Over 31 articles have been written by a number of accredited publications over the last 6 months.  Positive engagement and feedback continues to build as we measure and gauge the campaign's overall success, but so far we are absolutely humbled and excited to share these results with you.