Social Media

It doesn’t matter if you are a skilled social media marketer, or a business  owner who want to leverage  on social media or a marketer who want to venture into social media marketing, it is helpful to know the most popular social media sites for 2021. This will enable you to maximize your brand reach on social media, engage with the best people and obtain your social media goals. Here are the top social media platforms for 2021. 

  • Facebook: This is by far the most popular among social media platforms with billions of worldwide active users. This is tried and tested and regardless of your industry, there is a space for you on Facebook. Some of the leading industries on Facebook takes account of ecommerce, financial services, retail, entertainment, gaming, telecom, media, technology, consumer goods as well as car business. 
  • Twitter: Fast and furious, specific businesses thrive on this social media platform. If you have a business related to sports, entertainment, politics, or marketing, you stand to earn remarkable engagement on Twitter. On this platform, brands have a chance to craft and hone their voice, there is room to be smart and personable in addition to helpful and informative. 
  • LinkedIn: In its huge network of experts, you will find over 61 million users in senior positions on this platform. This is the platform to be if you are searching for decision makers who can hire your business, stock product, or partner with you. 
  • Instagram: This is considered a smorgasbord of eye catching visuals as well as inspiring creativity. It is also a platform where product based businesses, coaches, influences etc can thrive. 

Other popular social platform for 2021 includes snapchat,  Tiktok, messenger, Tumblr, Reddit and a whole lot more.