the zappos #imnotabox campaign

The Zappos box is our way of being there for our customers wherever they are in life--whether they are shopping for their baby's first shoes, their own first marathon sneakers, or their first date outfit.  As an online retailer, our box is one of the most important and only guaranteed touch points that we have with each of our customers.

The #ImNotABox campaign is an avenue for us to inspire our customers to see not just the Zappos box…but themselves and the world with a new perspective.



the box re-design


To kick off the campaign, we asked ourselves…how can we turn our box into a creative experience to engage with our customers?  How can we show them that we genuinely believe our box does so much more beyond the duty of delivering great product? So as a physical and literal manifestation of #ImNotABox, we created a limited amount of special edition boxes with an entirely new packaging design concept. The new box not only brought our customers the products they need and love, but it also provided a collection of templates including, but not limited to, a smartphone holder, a children's shoe measure, a geometric planter, and a 3D llama. Customers not only were able to reuse their boxes in a range of unique ways, but they were also inspired to channel their creativity and to literally...think outside of the box.


The secret society


Because we had so much fun letting our campaign manifest itself through different mediums, we decided to push the boundary even further!  We created a limited amount of "secret society" boxes for our most loyal #ImNotABox campaign followers. The above box re-design gave customers an opportunity to sign an "oath" (hidden in a special place on the box), promising to live a life full of imagination and wonder. If they took the leap and sent in their oath, they were officially entered into our top-secret society. As a reward, customers were equipped with a transformer robot box containing temporary tattoos, a survival guide for exploring creativity, and a fun robot toy--all of which are necessary trinkets to forever cultivate their creative minds.


the tv & online ad


As one of the most important parts of the campaign, we wanted to capture the deeper message underlying all of the fun we had with outside-of-the-box thinking. We wanted to create a video capturing the single-minded message that Zappos sees every box as a unique story. Partnering with creative collective, Variable,  we were able to produce Box Home to introduce the voice of our #ImNotABox campaign. This video aired on YouTube as an online ad and on cable networks in limited cities in the spring of 2016.